13 Nov 2009
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Problems with TV to PS3 connection. Please help

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I just got back from uni, and was about to play my shiny new modern warfare 2.


BUT - when i connected my ps3 to a non-hdmi tv (my hd tv is back at uni and no one else in my house has a hd tv), i found that for some reason i cannot get any picture or sound.


I have found that when i turn the PS3 on, there is a flicker on the screen and when i swap the PS3 for my sister's PS2, the PS2 works fine.


This leads me to beleive that the issue is with my PS3.


If anyone else has had this problem or knows a solution then please please help me.


I have limited time to play MW2 before i go back to uni.


I think i might cry.

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Re: Problems with TV to PS3 connection. Please help

hold down the front power button for several seconds, until it beeps 3 times - this should reset the AV to SDTV settings :smileyhappy:

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And we weren't even testing for that.. :Thumbs:

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