Video playback API

by CartBlanche on ‎05-01-2012 01:04 AM

I'm not able to find a video playback API.


Could we have one please, maybe supporting mp4, h.264 and other more mobile formats.

by androvsky on ‎13-01-2012 17:17 PM

I'd like some video playback options too, as well as more audio ones.  The Vita (and hopefully PS3, among others) could really benefit from third-party media players and apps, even if they are a bit redundant on Android devices.  Plus video playback comes in handy with games sometimes too, even if our storage is limited.


Did I mention I really hope the PS3 becomes a supported PS Suite platform?  Smiley Happy

by jamesnorman91 on ‎16-01-2012 09:44 AM
Thank you for your request. We have a Video Playback API listed in our roadmap (which can be found in the documentation under "Related Pages" > "Other Informations" > "SDK Roadmap" ), however I will have to confirm which codecs could possibly be supported.

by hoinzy ‎28-07-2012 15:05 PM - edited ‎28-07-2012 15:12 PM

Please please take into account the great possibilities with h264, especially x264, when it comes to realtime Game-Streaming from a remote Client.

by Jd8531 on ‎28-07-2012 21:51 PM

id realy like it if someone could gather the resources and create something or port VLC player