28 Mar 2012
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Request: two new modes : Sabotage & Hero

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Sabotage - Puts player teams on ether defense or offense. Teams that on defense have to defend two cap points from being destroyed. If they are destroyed, the third and last point must be defended or lose. Losing the first two cap points, is a draw. Defending all, is a win for defense. Hero- Player on each team is randomly selected to be hero. Just like Warhawk.
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Re: Request: two new modes : Sabotage & Hero

Collection before ANY other game mode.

If this game wasn't made with Collection in mind then i'd be very very surprised.

Everything I played in the beta seems set up for this mode !!!
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Re: Request: two new modes : Sabotage & Hero

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collection is a must i will be dammm peee off if they dont have it was amazing in warhawk got people out and about and running about that will be amzing for the dust map i think i will just play that mode hero not sure about that did not make any sense to me in warhawk 1 guy just camps wat kind of hero is that!!!


i just hope it dont get abused by people placing turrets by the coins spawn spot beem guns walls sheilds etc but should be fun blowing stuff up to get to that shinnny coin haaaaaaaa!!!


see thats why this build and battle can go both ways it can make the game or kill it  i just hope over time we get sensible players and good players 

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