18 Apr 2012
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A Dark Souls Challenge

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Hello all


I got this idea from a guy on youtube to do the challenge he came up with, which sounds like a lot of fun.


The challenge is:


You can choose any class


You can only use the class's starting equipment


You may not level up


You may not heal (boss fights only)


The only reinforcments you can use are: Standard, Raw, Divine, Occult or Magic. Fire, crystal and lightning reinforcement may not be used (Smithies Andre and Rickkett)


You may use Pine resin E.G Fire lightning and poison


You can take armor off if boss is too easy or if you want to show off.


Clerics can use their standard heal


Pyromancers cannot level up their pyro hands.


You May not summon


Covenents cannot be used (excluding knights and Clerics I.E WOW)


Hope youll find this challenge fun


Upload your vid here if you wish


That is all





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Re: A Dark Souls Challenge

Looks like this guy is doing a similar challenge Smiley Happy


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