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20 Jul 2012
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Gt5 racers wanted for good (fairly clean racing) and banter.

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Me and 6 or 7 of my online friends hold races on Sunday evenings and were looking to add a few new faces to join our racing, we race at either 8pm or 8:30pm GMT depending on everyone arriving on time. Basically we have mini race series Which generally run for 5 weeks, but whilst it's summertime we're just having mini endurance race lasting approximately 1 hour and after that of you want we just have a few fun races. We also practice for the Sunday race (not all of us but a few) on Tuesday and Friday evenings, generally just for setting up the cars and a good bit of banter.what were looking for is people who enjoy clean racers (obviously we all make errors) and various abilities are all welcome, you don't need to be super fast to have a good laugh. If your interested then please send me an FR request and come and join in. We would love to see a few new faces, we've also just started our own website/forum for people who join in.

My psn is: bfc_1882

I look forward to hearing from you.
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Re: Gt5 racers wanted for good (fairly clean racing) and banter.

that sounds great. actually i posted a topic recently, call for same thing. count me in :smileyhappy:

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