16 Jun 2012
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Trinidad & Tobago need to be recognize for its fifa community and tournaments

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Hello I'm Morgan 23 years old , I'm from Trinidad a small island island north west of Venezuela that not alot of world knows about  I'm a big fan of the fifa series been play fifa since i was 11 years old since fifa 98.

The fifa community here in Trinidad is big the biggest gaming community here in Trinidad . Every two months there's a fifa tournament hosted by Gaming Tourneys TT to keep the fifa spirit going , but from all the tournaments we having been recognize by FIWC for fifa interactive world cup to host a live qualifier round in Trinidad,

There's a upcoming fifa tournament hosted by Gaming Tourneys TT in August with about 70 players participating for cash and ps3 console, we will be streaming the event for local viewers but wanted to know where can we stream the event for international viewers, the streaming will good for the fifa community in Trinidad and Tobago and give some recognition by the fifa international community or FIWC.Fifa Meet Up Tournament IV


                                                                     FIFA 12 - Setting and Rules

Tournament Format – Double elimation (Play-off)
Game-play Settings
Difficulty Level: Legendary
Tactical Defending
Half Length: 6 minutes, 6 minutes for semi-finals and finals
Injuries: On
Game Speed: Normal
Team Selection: User’s Choice
Off sides: On
Time/Score display: On
Camera: Tele
Radar: 2D / 3D
Home Auto Switching: User’s Choice
Away Auto Switching: User’s Choice
Tournament Format – Double elimation (Play-off)


Each player will face each other once. In case of a draw you will need to continue the match by selecting overtime + penalties.
                                                                 General Rules


- All games are played on the EA SPORTS FIFA 12 and a PS3 version of the same game.
- Custom tactics & set pieces are allowed.
- Customized formations.
- No Adidas Live Season.
- We can decide to turn custom formation off at any point in case we identify exploits.
- No coaching allowed (people in the audience may not advise a Player while playing).
- No memory cards or saved games are permitted.
- All participants are responsible to bring their own Controllers
- Game played will be ‘KICK OFF’.
- Latest roster update will be available.
- Players may not select any fictional All-Star teams (e.g Classic 12).
- Unnecessary pauses or delays are prohibited.
- Any action to disrupt the opposing player's view of the field is prohibited.
- Each game will begin play at its designated time.
- Players not present at the designated start time for any match will be disqualified.
- Players are encouraged to be in ready to play 15-minutes prior to game time.
- Each Player will have 2 minutes to configure their controllers, line-ups and settings.

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Re: Trinidad & Tobago need to be recognize for its fifa community and tournaments

check it out gamers

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