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HELP cannot create a player name

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Hi all,


I have just purchased Everybody's Golf on Vita.


I have read many threadswhere i observed that other players shared my frustration in the sense that the game is utterly flawed from merely having no tutorial if not the e-guide from the Vita's main screen which i would not call a tutorial.


Anyways, my main problem is that while i go into the Challenge mode...and once i choose which caracter to play, the game doesn't prompt me to create my player name... so now i startwinning challenes and getting user name appears as "user350" on all certificates and scoring boards?????


after 3h of game i thought that i might have screwed up something in the launching menu so i restarted the whole thing from scratch deleitng all my progress in the process...and realised that was in vian...same thing, my username appear as user350 ...???


i went through all possible online research (google etc) and could not find any topic on this???... thisthread is my last hope...


PLS help..



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Re: HELP cannot create a player name

The game uses your PSN ID as your name in the game (the Vita can only be registered to one PSN ID at a time). So the game calls me 'QuietlyWrong'. I'm not aware of any way of changing that behaviour.


Presumably the game thinks that you've registered your Vita in the name user350?

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