12 Jan 2012
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Darks Souls DLC? Yes please!

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From Software’s 2011 release Dark Souls was a hit with countless fans around the world—fans who soon will be able to extend the adventure via upcoming DLC.

A source close to the project has told EGM that some form of expanded content is in the process of being finished up for Dark Souls, and will be released as DLC at some point in the first quarter of this year.

While we were unable to get further details on what this new DLC will feature, late last year it was discovered that From Software had filed for an interesting trademark in Japan. That trademark was for “Yami no Mori”—which could be translated as “Forest of Darkness” or “Dark Forest”.

While we have no reason at this point to believe that the two are connected, we also have no reason to instantly discount the idea.


The idea of DLC for Dark Souls is an interesting one for me. I really appreciated that the game felt like a complete project—versus other titles where you don’t feel like you’re getting the whole experience without having to spend extra money on a long list of digital add-ons. Dark Souls was what it was—and didn’t need to be anything more.

And yet—I would totally buy Dark Souls DLC. I absolutely adored the game, and the chance to experience new pieces of it is something that gets me as giddy as a schoolgirl.

The question is, how did this DLC come about? If it was planned during the game’s original release, then sure, I’d feel a little raw about being told there wouldn’t be Dark Souls DLC and then having it appear. If, however, this DLC now exists as a result of player demand and the game’s growing popularity, then I am perfectly fine with that. I have no problem with the concept of DLC—when it comes as additional content to satisfy consumer demand, and not when it’s shaved-off pieces sold separately to make extra money.
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