19 Jun 2012
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Armoured Kill - vehicles

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got this from Gamesradar seems accurate so far


• Two anti-tank platforms: the M1128 Mobile Gun System and the 2S25 Sprut
• Two mobile artillery vehicles: the M142 HMARS and BM-21

Basically a big arse cannon on a LAV chassis

2S25 Sprut
Basically a Big arse tank killing turret on a BMD Chassis

Rocket barrages FTW! wonder if you can hit choppers?

Old but reliable soviet rocket lobber

i wonder how these new vehicles will come into play then? I can hear the screams of the vehicle haters now...

Oldies can still be goldies
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Re: Armoured Kill - vehicles

You forgot the big boy AC130...
Allthough you can not pilot it there are two seats, one for the main guns and one for the AA guns on the topside of the AC130.
There's only one of them and you have to control the flag/base to be able to spawn in it, the AC130 will be the main target for jets as we all know what the AC130 can do!
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Re: Armoured Kill - vehicles

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lol @ ac130 the tears will be delicious.


I can taste them now.


Let's just hope vehicle haters don't play this map? LOL.
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Re: Armoured Kill - vehicles

Great information from another nation
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